Trolley Cars

Old Trolley Barn

Trolley cars operated by the Bay State Railway Company provided transportation and better opportunities for travel to jobs and to retail stores throughout the area. The Street Railway Company purchased the Pines in 1893 and turned it into an amusement park. Initially drawn by horses, trolleys became a reality in Groveland in 1877 and transported citizens between Washington Square in Haverhill and Groveland. Trolleys changed from being horse drawn to electrified on the Groveland to Washington Square line in 1897. The lines expanded throughout Groveland, to Lawrence, Lowell, West Newbury and Georgetown. It ran for approximately 30 years when the trolleys changed to buses. The trolley barn in Groveland was the former Triangle Restaurant and more recently Creative Minds at the intersection of Main and Broad Streets. The property has been for sale for the past few years.