Get Involved

Pines Speedway SignThe Groveland Historical Society welcomes you to volunteer as much or as little as you want.  We have various events and activities throughout the year where we need assistance. Some of the events include:

  • Pines Speedway Events
  • Festival of Trees
  • Greeters and Retail Sales
  • Other Various Events

Please get in touch with Claire Walsh if you are interested in volunteering to help this worthy cause.  Call Claire at 978.376.6779 or email her.


Call for Volunteers for 3rd Annual Festival of Trees

We are reaching out to everyone in Groveland to help make this a bigger and better event this year.  Some ideas for this year include: 

              • Increase the number of trees & centerpieces
              • Increase the number of wreaths (we had 15 last year)
              • Have at least 2 live trees for those who want to decorate their own tree.  (we had 2 last year)
              • Possibly hold a silent auction

All the greens need to be artificial due to Fire Department regulations.  We are looking for decorated trees, wreaths and centerpieces.  We are also looking for volunteers to help during the event.

Trees may be decorated at Washington Hall at a convenient time in order to make things easier for setups, if donors wish.  Decorating can start in October.

The Historical Society hopes you will join our holiday event this year as we continue to grow what we started from scratch in 2017.  Please drop me an email or call me by November 1st if you are interested in becoming part of this exciting holiday program in any way.   978.376.6779