East School

East School was the first school in East Parish and was built in the 1700’s.  A new school was built in 1833 at the end of Rollins and Center Streets.  A new school was later built in 1870 on Bare Hill Road.  That school burned in 1883 and was replaced with a new school on the same site.  After closing, it was purchased by the Grange and later converted to a home.

The North School

The North School

The North School in Savaryville was located near the site of George Savary’s house which he built in 1825.  A new school was built in 1838 on Broad Street.  The second school was destroyed during the fire at the Stickney Shoe factory in 1883 and was rebuilt.  The last class in that school was in 1956.  This building is currently the home of the Groveland Garden Club and is now known as “the Little Red School House”.  It was saved from being destroyed by the Garden Club.

South Primary Schools

One of the two South Primary Schools in South Groveland is currently the parish hall of St. James Episcopal Church.  It was one of the two primary schools on Washington Street.  This school was closed in 1956 and was then purchased by St. James.  The second primary school was on Sandy Hill.  It was converted to a single-story building and purchased by the Knights of Columbus.  It is currently a one-family home.

The South Grammar schools

The South Grammar schools were located at the corner of Washington Street and Lanen Avenue, currently the site of the South Groveland Fire Station.  There were two schools on this site.  The larger grammar school was built in 1890 and housed 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  The one-room school house on this site which housed the 4th and 5th grades was built in 1870.  The one-room school house was not beuing used and burned in 1936.

The First Merrimack Academy

The first Merrimack Academy was built in East Parish in 1821 as a town school, vestry and female academy by prominent citizens, Dr. Spofford and Rev. Perry from the Groveland Congregational Church.  This school was destroyed by fire in 1870.  The school was rebuilt on the same site, and leased to the town in 1878 on a 99 year lease.  It was used as a school, Town Hall and by many town groups until being completely destroyed by fire in 1901.  It was never rebuilt.  The building on our Town seal is the Merrimack School.

The First Groveland High School

The First Groveland High School

The first Groveland High School was established in 1876 on School Street in School House #4.  This school had been a grammar and primary school for 22 years prior to becoming the High School.  The High School was moved to the new High School in 1939.  The old High School became Town Hall and the Groveland Police Station.  It is currently a two-family home.

The new Groveland High School

The new Groveland High School was opened in 1939 using a $39,000 construction grant from the federal government.  Groveland High School students were sent to Haverhill High School in the early 1950’s.  This school was later named the Evelyn M. Shanahan School after its beloved former teacher and principal.

The Evelyn M. Shanahan School

The Evelyn M. Shanahan School became the town’s elementary school after the town closed all its smaller schools in 1956.  Enrollments eventually went down and in 1983, all elementary students were transferred to the Bagnall School.  The Shanahan School was demolished in 1984.

The Elmer S. Bagnall School

The Elmer S. Bagnall School

The Elmer S. Bagnall School opened in 1964 and was named for beloved Town physician, Dr. Bagnall who had served the town for 56 years.  The school opened with twelve class rooms.  Twelve more rooms were added to the school in 1966.  Grades K-5 are currently at this school.  Modular classrooms were used for many years.  Another addition was added several years ago.

The Pentucket Regional High School

The Pentucket Regional High School opened in 1958.  The middle school opened in 1967.  Children from the towns of Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimack currently attend this school.

Reference: Groveland Massachusetts A Small New England Town by Dr. Jane Dorgan
Prepared by: Claire Walsh, President, Groveland Historical Society