Groveland Mills

Ezekiel James Madison Hale (E. J. M. Hale) was born in 1813. He built and operated the Groveland Mills in South Groveland until his death in 1881. Mr. Hale was well known in the wool manufacturing business throughout the United States and became a multimillionaire and philanthropist. His  mills in Groveland were thought to have produced the best flannels in the world. The wools and flannels from the Groveland Mills made uniforms for the solders in WWI and also produced the interior materials for the Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Hale’s grandson, Benjamin Parker Hale, Jr. and Arthur D. Veasey ran the Mills for the estate of E. J. M. Hale until they became partners and purchased the Mills in 1890.  In 1903, Arthur D. Veasey bought out Benjamin P. Hale for $500,000. The Mills were closed in 1927 after the death of Mr. Veasey.